Saturday, August 2, 2014

Movies For Mommies Screening of Breastmilk at The Bloor Cinema

Being a new parent can be an isolating experience. Let's fact it: infants aren't the best companions at certain places. I braved a few movie theatres with a sleeping infant and it worked out fine. But if my child had awoken crying, I would not have been very popular with other moviegoers -- understandably so.
That's why I think Movies For Mommies is a great idea. Here's the concept in a nutshell:
The lights dimmed, the film began and the baby started to howl. At that moment inspiration struck, and Ms. Green decided to create a movie matinee event exclusively for new parents to enjoy, where crying would be welcome and other parent-perks would be available."
While the website seems to need updating as to locations/times, the Bloor Cinema in our area lists a Tuesday screening of Breastmilk as a Movies For Mommies event.

PS In general, most of the movies screened are NOT child-parenting themed, which is great because getting out of that world for awhile is the point!

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