Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vaughan Wins Byelection

Did you vote yesterday? 
Only 31.61 % of us did. Somewhat disappointing....
Yes, the powers that be scheduled a byelection for the Monday prior to a Canada Day that fell on a Tuesday, which was somewhat wrong-headed.

But there also were plenty of advance polls.
Lecture over.

This West Annex News post sums up the results succintly:

Liberal–Adam Vaughan: 18,434  53.4%
NDP–Joe Cressy: 11,823  34.3%
Progressive Conservative–Benjamin Sharma: 2,000  5.8%;
Green–Camille Labchuk:  1,919  5.6%
Christian Heritage Party of Canada–Linda Groce-Gibbons:  174  .5%
Independent–John “The Engineer” Turmel:  141  .4%
Interesting to me that both the Green Party and the PCs garnered less than 6 % of the vote.

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