Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do You Have A Line on Flexible, Lower-Cost Downtown Housing?

Do you know of flexible, lower-cost downtown housing? Someone who's away and has a
house sitting empty? Why do I ask? Because of the Low Family -- that's the family pictured at right.
The boys come to Toronto for chemo treatments. And I quote:
Does anybody have a condo in Toronto that they lease for 6 months time???  Or even better, does anybody know the Marriott family???  :)
We aren't looking for a freebie. We are looking for a possible option that isn't a 12 month lease, and isn't $5000/month.  You may think I am kidding, but a 6 month rental for a furnished 2 bedroom condo near the hospital runs $4000 - $5000 a month.  We just booked their hotel for the chemo treatment in 3 weeks and it's $3885, for a 10 day stay...

Just to give a common example of our difficulty.  Leslie came last week and had booked her hotel prior.  Once Mason's tumor was found, she needed to stay longer.  Her hotel was booked.  So, we had to find a new location, and amidst the stress of chemo we had to move all the crap from one condo to another."
Although there's a lovely update to the story, the family still needs a flexible housing option.
Please spread the word!

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