Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old Toronto: Willowvale Park, a/k/a Christie Pits

Willowvale Park sounds lovely and bucolic, no? While Christie Pits sounds... ugly. Hm.I mention it because Christie Pits, host to many a soccer and baseball game, was once Willowvale Park and these "Old Toronto" pics below are from that time.
The house was situated at 236 Christie Street in 1921; that is the west side of Christie, south of Dupont, which now looks like anything but countryside.

And this pic is easy to recognize if you have visited Christie Pits lately. The north end of the park has more grass, benches, trees and fences, but stretches of Christie St. look virtually the same.

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Peter A Rood said...

I lived at 287 Chrisitie St in the 50s Also kept score at Christie Pits Baseball on sunday 25 cents for junior games 50 cents for Senior games and many found memories of the Royal Bumps in the winter time tbogganing